Casio AE1200 “Casio Royale” Review

The Best Everyday Digital Watch $15 Can Buy

Casio AE1200WH Casio Royale watch

The Casio AE1200-WH (dubbed the “Casio Royale”) is probably the best everyday beater digital watch for under $15. It has dual time display, world time and five alarms, features that you won’t find in any other brand of watch for the same price.

Casio AE1200WH Review by Just One More Watch

Casio AE1200WH Review

Casio AE1200WH Casio Royale watch

I purchased the Casio AE1200 as a cheap watch that I could wear every day and not worry about. I have a bit of a watch collection, and most of them aren’t the type of watch you’d wear daily. In fact, a couple of them are only worn when there’s a special event that I have to dress up for, like a wedding or graduation.

The “Casio Royale” gets its name from the 1983 Bond movie “Octopussy” where Roger Moore wore a Seiko watch that resembles the Casio AE1200. I don’t know if Casio built this watch to pay homage to Bond, or if they were just copying the style of that Seiko, but in any case, this watch happens to look close enough that someone dubbed it the “Casio Royale” and the name has just stuck.

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AE1200WH Watch Features

One of the things that I like about Casio watches is that they are durable, waterproof and designed for everyday use.

Casio AE1200WH Casio Royale watch

A World Time Watch for Travelers

The main attraction of the AE1200WH is the world map on the right center of the watch face. Giving you the instant aura and appearance of a traveler, jet-setter, and spy all by strapping this thing on your wrist, the AE1200WH can display 48 locations across all 24 time zones as your local or visiting time.

5 Programmable Alarms

The second best feature about the watch is that it offers five alarms to get your @ss out of bed in the morning (or for whatever you need an alarm for). Usually, watches in this price range have either just one alarm.

As you can imagine, you can use the alarms like a snooze alarm. I have three of them set 10 minutes apart to get me up in the morning, and two for other times during the day as needed.

A Waterproof Watch

There’s a fair number of cheap watches in the $15 that are water resistant, but the AE1200WH is waterproof to 10BAR (Bars to Feet Of Water = 10Bar = 334.5623 feet deep). I do go swimming, but for everyday use, I don’t want to have to worry about the watch getting wet in any way. I’ve had $200 smartwatches fail because I was just washing dishes or the car

10 Year Battery Life

If the watch battery really lasts 10 years, that’s phenomenal. Even if it only lasts three years with the abuse I’m putting it through, I’ll be more than happy. Using three alarms every day plus the light when needed in the dark, I have my doubts that the battery will actually last 10 years.

Watch Light Duration

Another neat feature that I’m in love with is that the amber LED lights are bright enough to see the whole face at night, but that you can also set them to stay on for 1.5 seconds or 3.0 seconds, giving you ample time to read the time.

Dual Time Display

The last major feature that I really like about the watch is that there is an “Ani-Digi” watch face just to the left of the world map. This always shows your home time.

It’s nice that when I’m traveling, I can display the time in the city I’m visiting on the digital display, while my home time shows on the Ani-Digi display.

Casio AE1200WH Casio Royale watch

Overall Thoughts On The Casio AE1200WH

I’ve worn this watch daily for the last three months. I’ve also noticed how often I bang the watch against things. Sometimes it’s a doorway as I pass through, other times it’s the car door… whatever the case is, I really don’t care because I’m wearing a cheap, easily replaceable watch.

The bottom line is that this watch provides some serious value for the money. I’ve tossed away $20 on items that weren’t even half as useful as this watch. I even have a second one sitting in my closet just in case the first one gets damaged, and the best part is that the purchase didn’t affect my budget at all!

Casio AE1200WH Casio Royale watch


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