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  • Casey Neistat Vlogging Filmmaking

    Discussing Restrictions vs. Freedoms

    I’m at war with myself between restrictions in my life versus the things I want to do and pursue. I discuss the thoughts for the first time publicly in this post and consider their impact on me.

  • man working in office

    How Much Do You Really Make?

    During my school career, I had many a counselor, teacher and even my parents tell me to work hard, get a good education, find decent employment and I can work my way up to being the boss. Back then, I took it at face value. I assumed that if I wanted to make good money, […]

  • Casio AE1200WH Casio Royale watch

    Casio AE1200 “Casio Royale” Review

    The Casio AE1200-WH (AKA “Casio Royale”) is probably the best everyday beater digital watch for under $15. It has dual time display, world time and five alarms, features that you won’t find in any other brand of watch for the same price. I have two of them.

  • Pareto principal 80 20 rule

    Discussing the 80/20 Rule [Pareto Principal]

    Simply put, the 80/20 Rule, or Pareto Principle, is the statement that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, but what does this really mean to us as business owners?

  • Show Up For Work Every Single Day - Casey Neistat

    Starting Something, Never Finishing Anything

    Pretty Much Everyone Knows That They Need To Show Up For Work. When you have a $20 website or blog, it’s easy to forget to work on it. Here’s why most people fail and abandon their sites from my own experience.

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